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Is a Custom Engagement Ring Right for You?

As something you will wear for the rest of your life, your engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that’s worth getting right. There are so many elements that make up a ring—the stone, metal, setting, and embellishments—and one-of-a-kind engagement rings are the perfect way to ensure that your ring is exactly the way you want it.

Here are four reasons why brides-to-be are choosing to customize their engagement ring and our top tips for designing a ring you’ll love.

1.You Like to Express Your Personal Style

No two women are alike, and no two relationships are alike, so why settle for a mass-produced ring just because you see it in a shop window? You can customize every detail and give your beloved a one-of-a-kind engagement ring. Your customization options range from the metal color and center stone to specific designs in filigree and milgrain.

Here are a few style ideas for a unique engagement ring that will suit your tastes and express your one-of-a-kind personality:

  • For active girls, a streamlined design with a circular band and smaller, pave diamonds is cute and fun without weighing you down with a large rock that will get in the way.
  • Nature-loving types might appreciate a floral ring to capture their earth-centered spirit while providing a distinctly feminine touch.
  • Lovers of all things modern may enjoy a twisted ring design with asymmetrical filigree and smaller diamond accents.
  • Retro fashionistas can go all out with a vintage ring that features a large, sparkling rock and over-the-top filigree and milgrain.

2.You Want to Carry on a Valued Family Tradition

A second reason to consider one-of-a-kind engagement rings is to continue on a family tradition while enjoying the aesthetics of modern jewelry.

Engagement rings are the kind of item that is often passed down through the generations. However, ring styles tend to change over time and your great-great-great grandmother’s engagement ring might not be as stylish or as well-maintained as it once was.

Having a custom ring designed gives you the chance to have an heirloom gemstone set in the band of your choice, or to have a brand-new replica made of an antique or vintage ring that has become discolored or damaged. You might even find that this customized engagement ring becomes a piece that future generations grow to love and cherish.

3.You’re Working to a Budget

Stacks of silver coins on a white background.

Let’s be honest—engagement rings are important, but they shouldn’t break the bank. Once you and your partner have settled on a suitable budget for an engagement ring, you can begin to work out how to include all of the elements you like while still staying within your means.

One-of-a-kind engagement rings allow you to have it all and keep the price affordable. Low-karat metals, smaller diamonds, and diamond-alternatives such as Forever One Moissanite will all save you money without compromising on the overall appearance of the ring. You can also achieve the illusion of a larger stone by selecting a halo ring with diamond pave circling the center stone or a solitaire ring with intricate filigree and milgrain detailing on the band.

4.You Want to Make Sure He Gets it Right

While it might seem romantic for your engagement ring to be a surprise, your future spouse isn’t likely to guess that you dream of a vintage-style floral ring in yellow gold. Make his job easier and have some fun by sitting down and designing one-of-a-kind engagement rings together. That way, you can be confident that you’ll avoid the awkward problem of being proposed to with a tacky engagement ring (or one that’s simply not your style) and he’ll be sure that his money has been well spent.

Tips For Designing a Customized Engagement Ring

An Aurosi Jewels yellow-gold filigree vintage halo ring.

Deciding to consider one-of-a-kind engagement rings is the first step—creating the ring of your dreams is the second. If you’re starting your design completely from scratch, consider the following suggestions to avoid the most common engagement-ring pitfalls:

  • Your choice of metal

    For the best result with one-of-a-kind engagement rings, choose a precious metal color that goes with your skin tone and complements your existing jewelry. White gold generally goes well with cool skin tones (skin that looks great with blues, purples, and blue-greens), and yellow gold tends to look best on those who favor warm colors in their wardrobe (yellows, oranges, reds, and browns). Rose gold is best for ladies with olive, cinnamon, and dark skin tones

  • The quality of the stone

    No matter which shank or setting you prefer, you will still need to decide on a diamond weight and quality. In the pursuit of a large (but still affordable) diamond, some people go for low-quality diamonds with visible inclusions or a yellowish tinge. As one-of-a-kind engagement rings tend to attract a lot of attention, we recommend going with a smaller diamond that is top quality and GIA-certified.

  • The visual interest of the band

    Compared to the thick, chunky bands of the past, brides of today are trending towards dainty one-of-a-kind engagement rings with artistic details like filigree metalwork and split-shank settings. For ideas to customize engagement ring filigree, you can draw inspiration from our existing designs or simply adapt one of our current ring styles to accommodate your desired stone shape and metal color.

Try One-of-a-Kind Engagement Rings before You Buy at Aurosi Jewels

The best way to ensure that your engagement ring is perfect is to try it on at home before making a decision. Even if your ring is entirely original, you can still order a similar style from our selection of home try-on rings to see how the ring looks and feels when you put it on.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about handcrafted custom rings and enjoy creating a ring that’s truly yours!

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