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Unique Engagement Ring Sets

The one you love is sure to fall head-over-heels for these beautiful and unique bridal ring sets! Take the effort out of finding a perfectly coordinated engagement ring and wedding band that matches their style with one of Aurosi Jewels' stunning engagement ring sets. Our collection is complete with designs that everyone is guaranteed to love, from timeless round halo vintage sets to elegant infinity twist ring sets. Shop today to find the rings your bride will treasure for a lifetime.

Seamless Coordination

Each of our engagement ring sets has been designed as a pair for a seamless fit and a beautifully balanced look. Each ring in the bridal set complements the other while having its own special detailing and dazzle. Carefully handcrafted and matched by our craftsmen, the rings in these high-quality, unique engagement ring sets go together perfectly – just like you and your partner.

A Variety of Unique Wedding Sets 

We’ve created a wide range of unique bridal ring sets to choose from making sure that there is something for every bride-to-be. Whether you’re looking for heirloom-inspired rings or something more modern and sleek, we can help you find the ring of their dreams.

Customize Your Bridal Set 

For a truly once-in-a-lifetime look, you can customize your ring set. We offer rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold bands. You can also customize the size of your center stone, and the type of stones in your ring (diamond, cubic zirconia, or moissanite).

The Aurosi Jewels Difference

We know that choosing an engagement ring set is a monumental step in any relationship, and we’re honored to be a part of this major moment in your life. We’re confident that, once you see how stunning these unique engagement ring sets look in person, you won’t shop for rings anywhere else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our customers’ most frequently asked questions about engagement ring sets to help make finding the perfect set for your special someone (or you!) simple.

Where can I find unique engagement ring sets?

Right here at Aurosi Jewels! These bridal sets have been handcrafted not just for quality but to ensure that you’re getting a one-of-a-kind style you’ll love. For something even more bespoke, we can customize your ring for you with a different gemstone or alter the size or shape of a stone.

I’m shopping for my partner. How do I choose a set she’ll love?

Consider her style. Does she like to keep it chic and simple? Does she like to indulge in a little glam? Taking a look at the type and color of jewelry she likes to wear can also help guide your selection. If asking her is out of the question, try asking her friends or family!

What engagement sets are the most unique?

Our collection of one-of-a-kind engagement sets includes styles for every woman, including halo rings, twisted rings, and vintage milgrain rings in your choice of metals. The settings and designs also vary for the perfect finishing touch. From marquise designs to alternating beads and stones, these sets provide guaranteed style and beauty.

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