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Curved Wedding Bands

Aurosi Jewels offers a wide array of curved wedding rings that are sure to make a stunningly elegant statement. We’ve carefully handcrafted these one-of-a-kind bands in a myriad of designs that match every woman’s style, from modern chic to luxurious. Perfectly stackable, these curved bands are amazing all on their own and look twice as nice when paired with one of our equally resplendent engagement rings. One look at our collection, and we know it’ll be love at first sight!

Grading With A Curve

At Aurosi Jewels, we love to give our customers the most customization options possible. Once you find a curved wedding band in a style you like, you have more choices to make. For instance…

  • ...choose your gold tone. We offer lustrous yellow gold, warm rose gold, and elegant white gold options.
  • ...choose your gold type. Most of our rings are available in either 10-karat, 14-karat, or 18-karat gold.
  • …choose your ring size. Did you know most rings from other jewelry stores come in a standard size 7, requiring you to get your ring sized before you can even wear it? Here at Aurosi Jewels, we offer most rings in sizes from 3-12, including many half and quarter sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read some of the most frequently asked questions from customers just like you to make your wedding ring decision a breeze!

What are curved wedding bands?

These wedding bands are exactly what their name implies: rings with a curved shape that have been designed to fit around an engagement ring. They have a curve on one side like a “V” or chevron so the stone or prominent feature on your engagement ring can shine!

Can I wear a curved wedding ring alone?

Absolutely! Even though the original purpose of the design was to pair well with the center stone of an engagement ring, that certainly doesn’t mean that they can’t be worn solo. Wear it alone, pair it with an engagement ring, or stack it with any other rings you want – it’s up to you!

How do I choose the right curved band?

Picking just one wedding ring can be difficult, we know. Think about your personal style, color (rose gold, yellow gold, white gold) that you prefer, and whether you’re wearing it alone or with an engagement ring. 

Are curved wedding bands comfortable?

Comfort when it comes to wedding bands is a very personal thing. However, due to the design of curved wedding rings, they do tend to fit well and sit comfortably on the finger. They also help to prevent engagement rings from spinning or slipping, which you may find eases your comfort.

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