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Engagement Ring “Oops!”: 7 Engagement Ring Trends to Avoid

Looking to start shopping for engagement ring styles? Congratulations! However, once you start looking at the many options on the market, your mood may swing from excited to overwhelmed. Engagement rings are a major financial and emotional investment, so it certainly pays to do your research before finding the right ring for you and your loved one. If you’re starting to feel stressed by the process, don’t worry—we’re here to help! Learn what engagement ring trends to avoid and what to look for in an engagement ring on the Aurosi Jewels blog.

What to Look For in an Engagement Ring & What to Avoid:

Stones That Don’t Feel Like ‘You’

While alternative engagement rings have become an incredibly popular engagement ring trend for a number of couples in the past few years, there are some considerations you’ll want to make if you’re considering an “alternative” stone. First, does that stone have a special symbolic meaning for you and your partner? It may be a lovely color or enchanting shape but an engagement ring is meant to be forever, so if a particular stone doesn’t have personal meaning to you, then it may not be the best style to represent your commitment. Secondly, does it have comparable quality to a diamond or leading diamond alternatives in terms of durability? Durability is a major consideration when thinking about what to look for in an engagement ring. You’ll want to be able to wear your engagement ring every day, so softer stones that can chip or break easily probably aren’t the best fit and fall under engagement ring trends to avoid.

Engagement Rings that Don’t Flatter Your Fingers

It doesn’t matter how hot any one style is in a given year: a ring needs to look and feel like a fit for the bride forever. When looking at rings, it can be easy to fall for whatever styles are most popular when really, they should be engagement ring trends to avoid. It’s also important to consider that because each woman’s hands are unique to her, not all styles will look as flattering in person as they do in photos. So how do you avoid ordering the wrong ring for you? Seek out home-try on engagement ring programs so you can discover what best suits you!

Three silver engagement rings lined up against an all-black background

Handmade Styles from Crafts Vendors

Who makes your ring is just as important as style when thinking about what to look for in an engagement ring. While we certainly appreciate the talents of artisans and jewelers who work on a small scale, your engagement ring purchase isn’t exactly a time to go with an unproven, untested craftsperson who can’t (or won’t) take responsibility for your purchase after making a sale. Seek out retailers and jewelers that offer key customer protection measures, like warranties and assistance with repairs, so that you know that they will be able to assist should any issues with your rings arise.

Rings with Over the Top Diamonds

While we’re all about the megawatt sparkle, some couples get too fixated on carats when it comes to what to look for in an engagement ring. One of the engagement ring trends to avoid this year? High wattage rings that look impressive from a distance but show poor quality up close. The total carat weight of a ring is only impressive and meaningful if you’re using high-quality stones that have been evaluated for factors like cut and clarity and are GIA-certified.

One-Size-Fits-All Styles

An engagement ring is such a meaningful, highly symbolic piece of jewelry -- don’t settle for anything less than a ring that feels unique and emblematic of your relationship. One engagement ring trend to avoid is shopping at retailers that seem to offer the one-size-fits-all approach to ring shopping. This happens when retailers only show you a few of the most popular styles and then pressure you into making a decision. Instead, take the time to consider your bride’s personality: Is she a true romantic with a nostalgic streak? Then maybe a vintage engagement ring style is right for her. A modern woman on-the-go? Perhaps a twisted ring is exactly her speed. What will matter most when it comes to what to look for in an engagement ring will that you find a ring that captures her spirit, no matter what the latest looks are in any given year.

Woman wearing engagement ring crosses her hands in close-up picture

Inexpensive Metals

While it may be tempting to save some money by opting for an engagement ring made from low-quality metals, this is generally a bad idea one of those engagement ring trends to avoid for 2019. With many amateur jewelry makers flooding the online market, there are a lot of inexpensive engagement ring options that can look appealing on the internet but don’t stand up to quality standards. Seek out rings from retailers that are affordable but don’t sacrifice when it comes to construction—otherwise, you’ll simply end up shopping for a new ring soon after you purchase the first!

Super Thick Bands

While engagement rings look stunning in a variety of band styles, the super thick bands of the past are likely on their way out and are one of the engagement ring trends to avoid in 2019. Instead, brides are thinking more about embellished or split shank bands which can provide opportunities for more unique designs and, when embedded with diamonds, add a little extra sparkle. Floral engagement rings with details like milgrain edging or filigree are gaining popularity as engagement ring looks shift away from substantial, heavy designs to more visually interesting, artistic styles.

Meet Aurosi Jewels

Aurosi Jewels is a family-owned, California-based engagement ring and wedding band company that offers affordable, beautiful rings that are made to last a lifetime. From our popular free home try-on program to our handmade custom work, we strive to take the stress out of engagement ring shopping for our customers. Explore our entire selection of affordable wedding bands and engagement rings to discover stunning styles that you’ll fall head over heels for!

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