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Twisted Rings

A twisted engagement ring is another example of one of the many gorgeous and innovative designs available at Aurosi Jewels. The elegant geometry of these twisted rings is inspiring in their beauty and careful craftsmanship. She’s sure to feel nothing but joy from the moment they place one of these unique rings on their finger. Explore our stunning twisted band engagement rings today and see for yourself why this is a style on the rise.

A Style with Extra Sparkle

Twisted wedding rings form a lovely shape with ample surface area for embellishment. Many of our twisted rings feature double—or even triple—entwined details that are decorated with sparkling round-cut white diamonds, which adds even more shimmer to this already stunning ring. A twisted engagement ring also functions as a meaningful symbol of your love—each entwinement is perpetually joined to the other, signifying the strong and eternal nature of your commitment.

Customize Your Twisted Band Engagement Ring

In addition to your choice of diamonds or moissanite stones and yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold options, our twisted rings are among one our most flexible ring designs. Most of our twisted rings are designed for a 1.0-carat center stone, though we are happy to accommodate any stone size you’d like. Simply contact us to discover the many customization possibilities that are available when you choose Aurosi Jewels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in ordering a twisted ring for yourself or your beloved? Congratulations! You’ve made an excellent choice! Please read our FAQs to learn more about our rings before placing your order.

What Does a Twisted Engagement Ring Mean?

Twisted rings symbolize the unity and interconnectedness of two individuals coming together in love and commitment. The twisting pattern signifies an unbreakable bond between the couple and their endless love.

What Type of Wedding Band Goes With a Twisted Engagement Ring?

There are quite a few types of wedding bands that go well with a twisted ring but our personal favorite is the Curved Wedding Band. If you want a snug fit, you can also request us to have a customized wedding band made at info@aurosijewels.com.

Can I Customize the Design of Twisted Wedding Rings?

Yes, certainly! We offer quite a few customization options. You can even include your own center stone. You may adjust the shape and size of the center stone, adapt the halo or shank style, and incorporate gemstone accents.

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