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6 Special Twisted Engagement Rings Guaranteed to Catch Your Eye

At Aurosi Jewels we know our customers are unique, which is why we carry so many different and special engagement rings that appeal to everyone's individual tastes. For those who love the classic look, we offer an exceptional selection of solitaire rings. If you like a ring that attracts a bit more attention, sparkly halo rings might be the way to go. Do you enjoy heirloom style rings? We bet you’ll love our floral and vintage engagement ring categories.

But what if you’re wondering how to choose an engagement ring style and none of these appeal to you? We have some special engagement rings that you may not be familiar with but are sure to catch your eye once you see them: twisted engagement rings. This beautiful design style can appeal to almost anyone. We’ll introduce you to this breathtaking style by showing you six of our favorite designs (each of which is available in yellow, white, and rose gold!).

Twisted Infinity Half Diamond Ring

rose gold twisted engagement ring

Pictured in rose gold for $635.00

Here’s a special engagement ring with a twist—an infinity twist! Our twisted infinity ring is delicate and looks absolutely stunning when it’s on the ring finger.

What makes this ring an “infinity ring?” It’s the twist of the band that goes completely around the shank. Because the band curves almost the entire circumference of the band, we’ve given it the infinity tag. More symbolically, it represents the never-ending love you share together.

What could make this infinity band more special? How about ⅓ carat total weight of diamonds that curl halfway around the band? To top it all off, a 1 carat glittering diamond has been set at the top like a crown. In the end, this special engagement ring is a stunning piece that you should add to your list of potential engagement rings.

Twisted Half Diamond Ring

gold twisted half diamond ring

Pictured in yellow gold for $700.00

Do you like the idea of the infinity style, but you’re looking for something with more “bling?” If so, our twisted half diamond ring is a phenomenal option. There’s two main differences between this ring and the infinity engagement ring:

  • More diamonds: This ring features diamonds that go completely down the shank of the ring, providing more sparkle and shine.
  • Solid bottom shank: The bottom portion of the ring is not twisted like the infinity ring, providing a more comfortable fit on your finger.

Additionally, this ring features a Forever One moissanite center stone. This glittering, colorless stone is the perfect way to top off this special engagement ring.

Infinity Full Diamond Square Shank Ring

full diamond twisted engagement ring

Shown in white gold for $900.00

You’ve heard the saying, “less is more,” but sometimes—let’s be honest—more truly is more! If you’re still wondering how to choose an engagement ring style that’s perfect for you, then you’ve got to check this ring out.

Looking for larger accent diamonds? Check! Want a bigger, bolder shank? This ring has it! Want a ring that’s squared at the bottom to provide maximum comfort? This special engagement ring has that, too!

Bottom line: if you’re looking for an engagement ring that has lots of high-quality diamonds at an amazing price, this ring is for you.

Twisted Curved Three Stone Ring

three stone engagement ring

Pictured in rose gold for $710.00

So far, each of the three rings we’ve shown you have been variations on the same twisted theme. Although there’s no argument that they’re all beautifully designed, you may be looking for a more understated version of the special engagement rings in our “twisted” category.

Three stone rings have been a popular engagement ring choice for years because of their rich symbolism. Each stone represents your past, present, and future with the one you love. Although three stone rings are wonderfully symbolic, they can sometimes be—ahem—a tad plain when you look at the band.

With this ring, you don’t have to worry about a plain band. The top of the ring features a larger stone flanked by two smaller stones. Then, a host of channel set diamonds twist along the side of the ring to give a fresh look to an old favorite. We think you’ll be smitten by this whimsical piece!

Twisted Weave Diamond Ring

twisted weave engagement ring

Pictured in yellow gold for $1,425.00

Bold. Breathtaking. Jaw-dropping. Whatever adjective you want to insert, it still may not be enough to adequately explain the splendor of our twisted weave diamond ring! This special engagement ring features 93 (yes, you read that right!) diamonds that twist around three separate portions of the shank.

You truly have to see this ring to believe it. And there’s no better way to find out how to choose an engagement ring style than by trying different rings on in the comfort of your own home. Thankfully, with Aurosi Jewels home try on program, you can see for yourself for free!

Infinity Twist Cushion Halo Ring

princess halo engagement ring

Pictured in white gold for $1,285.00

Our final special engagement ring may actually be our favorite of all! This cushion halo ring features the twisted shank like our other options, but has a unique “twist” all its own. The glistening center stone is surrounded by a halo of diamonds, creating a beautiful diamond cushion at the top of the ring. The end result is an absolutely stunning combination of diamonds, gold, and intricate design.

Choose Your Twisted Ring from Aurosi Jewels

Figuring out how to choose an engagement ring style may seem confusing, but Aurosi Jewels makes it simple. All of our high-quality rings are affordably priced, and our customer service team will work with you to find the special engagement ring you’ve been searching for. Plus, don’t forget our home try on program. You have the opportunity to get five different rings of all different styles sent to your home for free.

Have questions about our extensive selection of engagement rings and wedding bands? Contact us today so we can help!

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