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How to Measure Your Ring Size At Home

Measuring your ring size is one of the key aspects of making sure you get the right look and feel for your engagement ring—and can be one of the more intimidating aspects of engagement ring shopping.

Luckily, learning how to measure ring size at home is incredibly easy and can be performed with a few household items that you likely already have laying around.

How Rings Are Sized

Women’s engagement rings are sized using a numerical system that ranges from 3 to 9, with the most popular engagement ring sizes being 5,6, and 7—with half sizes available for those who fall in between sizes.

Each half size represents one 0.4 millimeter increment (so make sure when you are focusing on how to measure your ring size at home, you use the millimeter size of your ruler or measuring tape!)

There are a few considerations to make when thinking about size and when learning how to measure ring size at home such as the size of your knuckle (the ring should be able to slide over it relatively easily, so if you have larger knuckles this is something to consider when choosing your ring size.)

You’ll also want to strike a balance between having a ring that’s too loose and one that is overly tight—make sure the ring is snug but can still slide off with relative ease.

Rose gold wedding band with diamonds.            White gold solitaire engagement ring.

The Proper Ring Fit

An engagement ring should be snug but not tight. The diamond or center stone should remain firmly in the center of your finger—and not slide off to the side. It should be easier to slide on than slide off, and there should be a very small gap between your finger and the band when you push against the underside of the band.

Using String and Paper to Measure Ring Size

This method is a tried and true way to learn how to measure ring size at home, and many couples have used it with great success. All you need is a little bit of string, some paper, and a ruler! To begin:

  1. Wrap a thin piece of string around your ring finger. You can even use dental floss in a pinch!
  2. Measure the place where the end of the piece of string meets the beginning (it can help to use pale colored string that is easily marked with pen.)
  3. Unwind the string and lay it flat along a piece of paper. Measure from the end to the point where you marked the string with pen in millimeters.
  4. Look up a ring sizing chart online to see which ring size your measurement corresponds with. The measurements for the most popular ring sizes are 16.5 mm for size 6, 16.9 for 6.5, 17.3 for size 7, and 17.7 for size 7.5.

Use A Ring She Already Owns

If you’re looking for another way of finding out how to measure ring size at home, you can also use a ring she already owns—though take your time and pay attention when using this method, as she likely owns several rings that all fit differently or are worn on different fingers.

Make sure you are using a ring she wears on her ring finger for comparison, and that it is not too loose or too tight—otherwise you risk taking an inaccurate measurement.

It can also be helpful to use a ring with a plain band, as too much detailing will make it difficult to lay the ring flat on your size chart.

Once you find an appropriate ring to use for comparison, find a printable ring size chart online and line up your ring so that the inner edge of the ring lines up with the circle closest in size. If the ring seems to fall between two sizes, try to play it safe for now and order the ring in the larger size.

Woman models solitaire engagement ring.

Additional Useful Ring Sizing Tips

Once you know how to measure ring size at home, it can be useful to measure your finger several times to ensure accuracy.

Fingers and hands can swell, and size can fluctuate, depending on things like your hydration level and the temperature outside or inside your home.

If you’ve tried both of the above measuring methods and are still unsure about ring size, don’t worry: any jeweler who offers reliable service should be able to advise you regarding ring size, or help you resize a ring that isn’t the right fit—often with a small fee or even with no additional charge.

Take the Stress Out of Ring Shopping with Aurosi Jewels

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