Vintage Wedding Bands

These vintage wedding bands for women have been inspired by the best styles of bygone eras for rings that are romantic, ethereal, and unforgettable. Updated for the modern bride with a love for that special antique look, our vintage style wedding bands are made by hand to offer impeccable quality. Find the perfect vintage ring for her today at Aurosi Jewels. 

Intricate Detailing In Every Piece

All of our rings are distinguished by their highly detailed filigree, milgrain edges, and feminine embellishments. Our vintage wedding bands for women are made by hand, guaranteeing quality in each detailed, heirloom effect. They look stunning on their own, stacked with other bands, or paired with one of our vintage style engagement rings for a beautifully coordinated wedding set.  

Handcrafted Rings at Aurosi Jewels

At Aurosi we provide a unique experience for our customers that is simple, flexible, and fun! From our collection of one-of-a-kind vintage wedding bands for women and engagement rings in all the latest styles to our unique customization options, we’re here for you every step of the way. Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

When purchasing something as significant as a wedding band or an engagement ring, it’s essential to make an informed decision. Read our FAQs to learn more about our rings!

What Are Vintage Style Wedding Bands?

Wedding bands that have been designed by drawing inspiration from styles that are at least as old as 20 years, typically from the Victorian era to the Retro era, are known as vintage-style. These wedding bands are classic yet modern—perfect for you!

How Do I Choose the Right Vintage Wedding Band for Women?

There are many things to consider while choosing a vintage ring, including personal preference, comfort, and stackability with your engagement ring. Browse Aurosi Jewels’ vintage stacked wedding rings and let us know if you need any help!

How Do You Take Care of Vintage Rings?

Due to their delicate detailing, vintage wedding bands for women need some special TLC. Take yours off while in the shower and while performing any rough activities. Clean it regularly with mild soap but also take it to a professional jeweler for maintenance once a year. With proper care, your ring will shine for years to come!

Where Can I Find High-Quality but Affordable Vintage Rings?

Right here at Aurosi Jewels! The price of quality vintage style wedding bands is typically on the higher end but you can find many stunning designs under $400 from our collection—all covered by a warranty against manufacturing defects.


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