Floral Wedding Bands

Handcrafted Floral Ring Bands

Enjoy beautiful florals every day. Designed by our in-house stylists, these stunning rings capture the rare and fleeting beauty of flowers, vines, and leaves for a modern, nature-inspired ring. From floral vintage filigree curved contour bands to botanical art deco-inspired rings with milgrain, there are unique gold floral wedding bands for every style at Aurosi Jewels. These floral wedding rings make the perfect complement to any engagement ring, as a stackable style, or as a stand-out piece on its own. Explore now!

Customize Your Floral Wedding Ring

Part of the beauty of flowers and leaves is that no two are quite the same, making them wonderfully unique – just like our floral ring bands. With our one-of-a-kind designs and custom work, Aurosi Jewels puts finding your dream botanical wedding ring right at your fingertips. Choose whether you want platinum (available in some styles), white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold in 14K or 18K for the look you want. Existing designs like our gold floral wedding bands can even be customized using your own center stone, incorporating gemstone accents, and more!

Modern Wedding Band & Engagement Ring Shopping

Aurosi Jewels is a family-owned company passionate about bringing couples like you a modern and unique wedding ring and engagement ring shopping experience. From our handmade craftsmanship of rings and lab-grown, conflict-free center stones to our free at-home try-on program, we’re here to make finding your ring as easy, fun, and stress-free as possible. Ready to get started? Explore our collection of gorgeous floral ring bands or find out more about our home try-on!

Frequently Asked Questions

So many styles, so hard to choose! Read our FAQs to learn more about our rings and make your decision a little easier.

What do floral ring bands symbolize?

Wedding bands with floral designs can hold many different meanings – it just depends on the style and design you choose and the type of florals or botanicals that your ring features. Generally, these floral rings symbolize undying love, passion, devotion, and the intertwined connection you share with your partner.

Can I customize the center stone of my gold floral wedding band?

Absolutely! We want you to be completely in love with your wedding band, which is why we offer customizations for all of our existing designs. Change the center stone, adjust the shape and size of the center stone, incorporate gemstone accents or any other adjustments that make your ring feel like it’s made just for you.

How do I find my perfect wedding ring?

The best way to find your perfect ring is to explore plenty of different styles, from floral ring bands to infinity twist bands. You never know what you might find! Trying on 5 different styles with our free and easy home try-on program is another great option. You can sample our beautiful rings in person in the comfort of your home if you’re having trouble deciding.

Are floral wedding bands only for newlyweds and those soon-to-be-married?

No! You can get a floral wedding band whether you’re a newlywed, you’re engaged and planning for an upcoming wedding, or you’ve been married for years. They make the perfect gift for an anniversary, birthday, and other special occasions and milestones, or if you’ve been wanting to upgrade your wedding ring!


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