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Floral Engagement Rings

Searching for an engagement ring that exudes equal parts whimsy and romance? Then look no further than these sparkling beauties! Our floral engagement ring designs are inspired by classic vintage styles and a love for all the growing and blooming intricacy of the natural world. A floral diamond ring is sophisticated, sweet, and feminine — just like your spouse-to-be. Choose from delicately twisted vines and leaves to entrancing floral motifs and get it customized it to make it uniquely yours. Discover the beauty of floral-inspired engagement rings at Aurosi Jewels today!

Inspired by Nature, Crafted With Care

Perfect for any nature lover, our floral designs range from delicate and restrained to intricate and substantial. All of our uniquely eye-catching and beautiful floral engagement rings are made by hand in California and are available with a variety of customization options to help you truly make your ring one-of-a-kind. 

Choose your precious metal, stone, stone size, and shape — or include a special family stone of your own. No matter which one of our handmade engagement rings you choose, families and friends are sure to be wowed.

Our talented designers have created a variety of gorgeous ring designs, each with its own special flair. We know you'll love these rings as much as we do!

Meet Aurosi Jewels

Let us help you take the stress out of floral diamond ring shopping! By offering high-quality designs at affordable prices and flexible customization options,  we aim to make getting engaged even more joyful and fun. If you have questions about our engagement rings or our policies, check out our FAQ page or contact us via phone or email — we love hearing from our customers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ring shopping is a significant event and our customers often ask these questions before making this important purchase. Read on to make a learned decision!

Which Types of Stones Are Used in Floral Engagement Rings?

Diamond is the most classic choice of stone for any engagement ring, including floral. At Aurosi Jewels, we feature high-grade moissanite center stones on all our designs but you can choose to have GIA-certified diamonds instead.

Who Can Wear Floral Diamond Rings?

Anyone! There is a wide variety of floral engagement ring designs ranging from understated to elaborate, so you can choose one according to your tastes.

How Can I Care For My Floral Engagement Ring?

Flower-inspired rings seem more delicate than other styles but they need the same amount of care and maintenance to keep them sparkling. Avoid wearing it during any rigorous activities and take it for regular cleaning to a jeweler to maintain its beauty.

Can I Customize My Floral Ring?

Certainly! Aurosi Jewels is happy to alter the existing design or make a new one from scratch for you. Learn more about our custom work here.

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