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Winter Wonderland: How to Do a Magical Winter Proposal

a man and woman kissing in the snow

Proposing during the holidays is the great way to kickstart the planning of a proposal. During the holidays, we get a warm and cozy feeling like no other. The holidays instill a sense of joy, there’s lots of yummy food, and we’re seeing family and friends we don’t get to normally see. There are beautiful decorations and sparkling lights, and there may even be snow depending on where you live! These provide the perfect backdrop for a breathtaking and classic proposal. Let’s take a look at a few winter proposal ideas.

Let it Snow

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Use the season’s most beautiful feature as natural decor. Choose a pretty outdoor setting with lots of clean white snow and make it your venue for your proposal. Write “Will you marry me?” in the snow, or take things up a notch by asking the big question while you’re surrounded by twinkling lights. This proposal is sweet, simple, and memorable. Take advantage of the naturally beautiful landscaping and take your engagement photos at the exact same time!

Skate the Night Away

If you and your spouse-to-be enjoy skating, this winter proposal idea is a huge winner. Whether you’re professional skaters, newbies, or always wanted to try — this idea is sweet, charming, and fun. Select an elegant engagement ring and get down on one knee in the middle of the ice skating rink. 

couple embracing each other with a beautiful snowy mountain in the background

Stocking Stuffer

Proposing during the holidays gives you an opportunity to make everything insanely cute. Take time to choose the best engagement ring and wedding band for your love and then place the box in her stocking stuffer. This winter proposal idea is easy and surprising. Spend Christmas morning sipping on smooth hot chocolate and celebrating your new journey of love. 

Wine and Dine

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Take things up a notch by pampering your spouse-to-be before your proposal. Set beauty and massage appointments for her before dinner and purchase her a brand new outfit. Ensure she is looking and feeling her best before the big moment. 

Cook a delicious meal or visit your favorite restaurant with the love of your life this holiday season. She’ll be excited and eager for dinner, knowing that a special surprise is probably awaiting her.  A romantic winter proposal idea that involves pampering, good food, and wine, will set the tone for a blissful marriage. 

Winter Wonderland Gateway

couple embracing in the snow

If you don’t live in a place that snows during winter or your spouse-to-be always talks about wanting to experience a winter wonderland, this is the perfect time to do it! Proposing during the holidays is an optimal time to achieve two things at one time — a romantic holiday trip and a proposal. 

Amaze your spouse-to-be by planning a surprise trip to a dream location. While they’re in awe from traveling and being impressed by your planning skills, they’ll have no idea that there’s even more to expect. At the perfect moment, get down on one knee and ask the question of a lifetime. This winter proposal idea is extravagant, exciting, and romantic. 

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