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Understanding the Meaning Of Your Diamond Shape and Cut

When you are shopping for diamonds, you will quickly realize that there are many different shapes to choose from. Is this just a matter of visual preference, or are there hidden meanings behind these shapes? In this blog post, we will discuss the meaning behind diamond shapes and help you decide which one is perfect for your special occasion. 

The Most Popular Shapes and Their Meanings

Yellow Gold Round Halo Vintage Engagement Set

Yellow Gold Round Halo Vintage Engagement Set - $1,300.00

  • Round: This shape is considered to be the most classic and traditional, being both timeless and elegant. It has a high luster, which means you'll see a lot of sparkling reflections when sunlight shines on your diamond ring! The meaning behind a round diamond shape is infinite love with no beginning or end. 

Princess-Cut Engagement Ring

Princess Cut Engagement Ring - $785.00

  • Princess: This cut is a square or rectangular-shaped diamond that has many facets to give it a high level of brilliance. It's popular because of its modern elegance. A princess-cut diamond symbolizes strength, power, and confidence.

Rose Gold Vintage Filigree Oval Halo Ring

Rose Gold Vintage Filigree Oval Halo Ring - $650.00

  • Oval: This is a unique shape that has the elegant look of a round diamond with the elongated feel of an emerald or marquise cut. It's perfect for those who want something different, but still classic. The meaning behind a diamond oval shape is balance and harmony in relationships.

White Gold Emerald Cut Ring

White Gold Emerald Cut Ring - $860.00

  • Emerald: This elegant shape that has a unique look is popular because it can be set in any type of metal and still look beautiful! An emerald cut diamond's meaning is rebirth as well as strength through adversity.

Yellow Gold V-Band Curved Crown Marquise Band

Yellow Gold V-Band Curved Crown Marquise Band - $524.00

  • Marquise: The marquise diamond is an elongated oval shape that tapers at each end. It's often called the "romantic" diamond shape because of its unique curves. The meaning behind a diamond marquise shape is love, joy, and celebration.

Rose Gold Pear Halo Split Shank Ring

Rose Gold Pear Halo Split Shank Ring - $1,140.00

  • Pear: This cut is similar to the marquise in a way that it has a tapered shape that is more symmetrical. It is perfect for those who want something different than a round or princess cut diamond, but still classic. A pear cut diamond's meaning is gracefulness and beauty in nature as well as femininity and balance within relationships.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Cut

Now that you know more about the meaning behind diamond shapes, it's time to choose one! There are home try-on programs to help with this process. Here are some tips:

  • Think about your lifestyle. Do you work with your hands often? In that case, avoid choosing an emerald-shaped diamond because it has sharp corners and could get caught on things easily! Choose something else like the princess cut which is more durable than other shapes.
  • Consider your personality. If you're a romantic at heart, the marquise or pear-shaped diamond might be right for you! If you're into something more classic and timeless, go with the round or oval-shaped diamond.
  • Think about your personal style. Do you want something classy and elegant like the round or princess cut diamond? Or maybe something bolder such as an emerald-shaped diamond?
  • Consider your ring style. If you have a simple band with no stones on it, a round-cut diamond would look great! If you have an intricate band with lots of detail, a princess-cut diamond would be a good choice.

No matter which shape you choose, remember that the most important thing is that you love it. Find the shape that speaks to your heart. Diamonds are personal and unique to each person — if you find a diamond shape with the perfect meaning, go for it!

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