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Tips for Showing Off Your Engagement Ring

So, you said, “yes!” Congratulations! You’ve just kicked off a whirlwind of events that lead up to the momentous occasion: your wedding day. With so much planning, preparation, and arrangements to be made, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that this is a time of your life you need to enjoy. So, take a breath for a minute and enjoy the very first rite of passage for someone newly engaged: showing off your engagement ring!

Your fiance went to a great deal of thought to get you the perfect engagement ring...and it’s a complete success. You’re in love with this ring! But now you need to show your friends, the family, and the world this symbol of love and commitment.

Here at Aurosi Jewels, we’ll admit that we’re hopeless romantics at heart. We love selling couples the perfect engagement and wedding rings, but we also derive an intense satisfaction at seeing how much each partner loves their bridal jewelry. So, if you’re looking for a few tips for showing off your engagement ring, we have a few suggestions.

Create the Perfect Social Media Post

Using Instagram, Facebook, or your favorite social media platform is a phenomenal way to announce your engagement to the world. Don’t stress about creating the perfect post. There’s several ways you can quickly and easily craft a post that showcases your ring.

  • Use a template: Platforms such as Canva help you create social media posts easily, allowing you to drop a photo of your ring into a pre-created template. Presto! Your post is ready for the world! Check the App Store or Google Play store too.
  • Use a filter...sparingly: After taking a picture of your ring, go easy on the filters. After all, your ring is beautiful all by itself. Don’t diminish the natural sparkle of the ring by overusing filters.
  • Check the App Store or Google Play store: These marketplaces have a plethora of photo editing and post creating options, which can also make crafting your post easy.

Go “Old-School” With Printed Engagement Announcements

man proposing on knee

As we said, we’re hopeless romantics! We happen to love the old-style printed engagement announcements you can send to people’s mailboxes. Although there’s admittedly more expense involved than with a social media post, it’s a classic method to show off your engagement ring, and it’s sure to involve everyone (remember, not everyone is on social media!).

There are several online platforms like Snapfish that can help you create an elegant printed announcement. You’ll also find apps such as TouchNote that can help you send physical postcards directly from your smartphone, all without a printer or a trip to the post office!

Aurosi Jewels: The Engagement Ring Experts

No matter how you announce your engagement ring, make sure you know where to get your engagement ring: Aurosi Jewels. We craft beautiful, affordable engagement rings and wedding rings for any budget. We also offer a unique home try-on program, allowing you to try five different rings at home for free. Try them on (take some selfies with them too!) and see which is your favorite.

Have questions about our vast selection of bridal jewelry? Contact us today so we can help!

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