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How Much Should You Really Spend on an Engagement Ring?

You plan to finally pop the question this spring, and you couldn’t be more excited to see her face as she says “yes.” (Because you have no doubt it’ll be a “yes.”) But that doesn’t mean you’re not left with an important lingering question: “How much should you spend on an engagement ring?”

The cost of an engagement ring can be stressful if you’re not sure where to start. Can you get the perfect ring at a price you can afford, or do you need to get a credit card? The answer may surprise you! Let’s take a look at the proper cost of an engagement ring.

Spending Trends

The old and traditional rule for purchasing an engagement ring has been to pay approximately two or three months of your salary. For instance, let’s say that you earn $50,000 per year. In this situation, you should theoretically pay between $8,000 and $12,000 on your ring.

Research shows that Americans spent about $5,500 on a ring on average in 2020. That’s generally the cost of an engagement ring with a one-carat diamond center. That’s great if that’s in your price range, but what if it’s not? The good news is you don’t have to put yourself in a situation where you have to accumulate debt, even if you’re looking for something intricate and extravagant.

Tips to Save Money

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You can find captivating and affordable engagement rings at much lower costs if you’re willing to change things up a bit. For instance, at the cost of a few hundred dollars, you can easily find an alluring rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold engagement ring featuring a moissanite center stone instead of a natural diamond. A lab-created moissanite stone will look like a diamond but cost a fraction of the price so you can potentially get more visual appeal than you would be able to with a natural diamond. For example, if your future bride wants something with lots of detail, you can get more for your budget with a floral or vintage moissanite ring!

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Try Rings On at Home to Find the One

Before you ask her for her hand in marriage, we at Aurosi Jewels can help you to select the perfect ring for her—the one that will make that moment even more perfect. We’re proud to offer well-crafted engagement rings and wedding bands. In addition, we take pride in bringing a modern, convenient twist to engagement ring shopping with our Home Try-On Program. You can choose up to five sample rings or bands to try on at home. Then, simply choose the one you think your future wife will like the most and order the real thing! When it’s time to buy, you’ll feel confident the cost of an engagement ring is worth it

Contact us today to see for yourself why our engagement rings are the perfect marriage of value and beauty that will last a lifetime.

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