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Falling for Fall Weddings: 5 Fall Wedding Trends & Rings We Love

Fall has always been one of our favorite times of the year for weddings. The lush foliage, the crisp, clear air, and the vivid colors of the season are all great reasons to fall in love with fall weddings. This year, we’ve been keeping our eyes on some incredible wedding themes and styles, including the trending wedding rings and fall wedding trends that are sure to capture the hearts of many couples. Which style are you? Explore this list of fall wedding options to find out!

The Bohemian Fall Wedding

Something about the fall color scheme makes it the perfect season for a rustic, bohemian-inspired wedding, and this is one of those fall wedding trends that’s all about finding the right textures and palette -- rich, moody colors with purposely mismatched bridesmaid dresses in jewel tones, unexpected and unique flower arrangements, and lots of layered fabrics like tablecloths and rugs. Some bohemian fall weddings also embrace playful and rustic elements, like canopies, cocktails served in mason jars, and fun, unique finishing touches like flower crowns.

The trending wedding rings associated with bohemian fall weddings tend to be equally romantic and very feminine. Brides and grooms who are opting to follow bohemian fall wedding trends are head-over-heels with floral-inspired styles when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands. They appreciate the finely crafted details and the intricate embellishments of these floral engagement rings and bands, and if you find yourself tending toward this wedding style, then these might be the rings for you!

Rose gold halo engagement ring Uniquely shaped rose gold halo engagement ring

Modern Romantic

The modern romantic approach to fall wedding trends is all about updating the classics for the modern couple. Maybe that means you throw a wedding with all the traditional trimmings, but choose a cool and innovative venue such as a beloved museum or a beautiful local park. Lush flowers like roses will be popular, along with seasonal blooms that take advantage of autumn’s bounty. In terms of color palette, couples with a modern approach will likely want to soften the bright colors of fall by incorporating some softer hues, like blush pink or sage, to add that timeless feeling.

What are the trending wedding rings for a modern couple? A halo engagement ring style is a favorite engagement among those who like to strike a balance between elegant and up to date, while eternity wedding bands with a little extra sparkle seem to be the popular wedding band choice.

Yellow gold and diamond curved trending wedding rings Simple diamond and yellow gold trending wedding rings

Sleek and Sophisticated

This fall wedding trend is for the couple who is always on-the-move and tends toward a modern-yet-chic approach to their signature style. This is one of those wedding looks where less is more, but it’s all about the upscale details. This trend is all about exotic flowers like orchids in simple and sleek vases, refined and sophisticated food, and elegant simplicity for bridesmaids outfits and wedding gowns.

The trending wedding rings favored by couples going this route will echo the fresh and clean look of their overall aesthetic. Think twist rings with interesting, geometric shapes for engagement rings, and simple yet fashionable classic wedding bands that let the engagement ring take center stage.

Recently married couple walk down court steps


The vintage-inspired trend is still going strong for fall, with couples craving ways to incorporate a bit of the past into their special day. Lovers of the vintage look will want to seek out lace wedding dresses, antique-store sourced decor like typewriters and candelabras, and mismatched vintage china for serving hors d'oeuvres, dinner, and dessert.

In terms of the trending wedding rings, couples who embrace this fall wedding trend will want to seek out rings with embellishments drawn from bygone eras, including milgrain edging, accent diamonds along the shank, and filigree detailing when it comes to their choice in vintage-inspired engagement ring and wedding band styles. They will also be drawn to simple and timeless wedding ring silhouettes that will remain in style for many years to come—think refined solitaire engagement rings that are eye-catching yet feel at home in any era.

The DIY, Bespoke Style

If you’ve always marched to the beat of your own drum, then a DIY style wedding for fall is the best of fall wedding trends for you. More and more couples are finding ways to personalize everything about their wedding and reception, including custom gowns, putting together their own floral arrangements from spectacular fall wildflowers, handcrafting garlands, and learning caligraphy to take their wedding invitations into their own hands. This wedding will look different for every couple—which is part of its charm!

So what trending wedding rings does the DIY couple go for? For the bride who’s got a seriously unique sense of style, one of the best options is a custom ring that she can help design herself. Whether she modifies a ring she admires to suit her taste, adjusts for a unique stone cut and shape, or wants to incorporate colorful gemstones, a customized ring is bound to be the best way for this fall bride to find a ring she adores.

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