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Yellow Gold Floral Leaf Twisted Ring

Product image 1Yellow Gold Floral Leaf Twisted Ring
Product image 2Yellow Gold Floral Leaf Twisted Ring
Product image 3Yellow Gold Floral Leaf Twisted Ring
Product image 4Yellow Gold Floral Leaf Twisted Ring
Product image 5Yellow Gold Floral Leaf Twisted Ring
Product image 6Yellow Gold Floral Leaf Twisted Ring
Product image 7Yellow Gold Floral Leaf Twisted Ring
Product image 8Yellow Gold Floral Leaf Twisted Ring
Product image 9Yellow Gold Floral Leaf Twisted Ring

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The Floral Ring to Complement Her

A twisted engagement ring with a wedding band looks simply enchanting when it features floral motifs and a vintage-inspired design. This yellow gold diamond wedding ring flaunts leaf-like petals adorned with diamonds and a twisted band for a design that looks straight out of the Victorian era. Intricate filigree work on the edges only adds to the beauty of this ring. We can customize this ring with either a Forever One Moissanite or H/I, I quality diamond for the center stone and a different type of metal that will complement her perfectly.


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Shopping for a twisted engagement ring with a wedding band online can be tricky and overwhelming. But it doesn’t really have to be that way! With our home try-on program, you can not only sample five rings for free at home but also find out your exact ring size for the perfect fit. Place your order with the home try-on option and we’ll send you a ring sizer and ring replicas that you can keep for five days. Once you’re done, just place the order for the ring of your choice with your preferred customizations!

Twisted Engagement Ring With Wedding Band

At Aurosi Jewels, we have a wide range of twisted engagement rings and wedding band styles that can be stacked together to create a lovely matching set that’s representative of your union. We blend state-of-the-art technology with time-honored craftsmanship to create vintage pieces with contemporary charm. Our products are handmade in California and only use conflict-free gemstones so you can have peace of mind knowing that the symbol of your marriage aligns with your ethical values.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help to choose the right yellow-gold diamond wedding ring for yourself? Go through the FAQs below for more information!

How Do You Pair a Twisted Engagement Ring With a Wedding Band?

If you want to pair your ring with a wedding band, the first thing to consider is whether it’s designed to be stackable for a contoured fit. If it is then choose a style and metals and gemstones that harmonize well together. Rings with the same metals look elegant when stacked together but feel free to switch it up if it appeals to you because ultimately it should reflect your personal style.

Is Yellow Gold Good for Diamonds?

Yes! Yellow gold contrasts exceptionally well with a clear, colorless diamond, making the stone look even more dazzling. Besides, it’s a very traditional choice of metal for diamonds and feels elegant no matter the design.

Can a Yellow Gold Diamond Wedding Ring’s Size Be Changed?

Yes, you can get the size of your ring’s diamond as well as the ring itself changed before placing your order. If you need help with customizing or resizing your Aurosi Jewels ring, please contact us so we can figure out the best solution for you.

Can I Wear My Twisted Engagement Ring With Wedding Band on the Same Finger?

Yes, of course! You can wear them however you like, whether it’s on the same ring or different ones. However, we recommend opting for a stackable set for a comfortable fit. If you need help choosing a set, please feel free to reach out to us.

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