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Infinity Twist Bands

The gently scrolling shapes of a twisted wedding band create a mesmerizing effect that is sure to draw admiration from your beloved. Our infinity wedding band selection features a diverse array of styles from delicate and subtle shapes to more elaborate designs that leave one awestruck with their beauty. Shop our infinity twist wedding band collection today to find the twisted band of your dreams.

Infinity Wedding Band: a Beautiful Symbol of Your Love

The two strands of an infinity band weave together to create the perfect symbol of your entwined future—yours is a bond that won’t be broken. Whether you are seeking additional embellishment with a diamond-studded wedding band or like the look of a simple infinity ring, we have all the styles you’re seeking. Plus, we offer custom-made options with lab-grown diamonds and eco-friendly metals.

Premium Quality Twisted Wedding Band

Shop infinity bands in white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold that will pair perfectly with your engagement ring. Our infinity wedding band options are all made by hand and with love in our California workshop for a timeless quality that you’ll be able to show off for years to come. These rings dazzle with superior design and beautiful detailing—see for yourself.

Find Your Perfect Infinity Twist Wedding Band

We're here to help you find the perfect engagement ring and twisted wedding band as easily as possible. 

Meet Aurosi Jewels

We are a family-owned company in the business of making happy couples even happier with our fantastic selection of wedding bands and engagement rings. Love our diamond infinity twist rings? Don’t forget to shop our complete wedding band collection or consider one of our engagement sets for a seamless pairing that will draw compliments for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ring of your dreams is just a few clicks away, but don’t rush. Read our FAQs to learn more and make an informed decision for this significant purchase!

What Does a Twisted Wedding Band Symbolize?

Twisted bands hold many symbols and meanings most of which center around unity, interconnection, strength, resilience, and everlasting love. The twisted pattern represents the interlinking of two individuals and their ability to weather challenges and obstacles as a couple.

Is an Infinity Twist Wedding Band Comfortable?

Yes! Infinity bands are just as comfortable as any other wedding band or engagement ring. But this holds true only when it’s crafted with precision. At Aurosi Jewels, we create our own waxes on a 3D printing machine, and our castings are set by master setters with 30+ years of expertise so you can be sure that your twisted band will be made with impeccable craftsmanship.

When Should You Get a Twisted Wedding Band?

Besides your wedding, you can get a twisted band to mark special milestones in your relationship such as the 40th, 45th, 55th or the 60th wedding anniversaries, the birth of your first child, or even retirement or graduation.

What Type of Engagement Ring Goes With Infinity Wedding Band?

Any type of engagement ring will go well with an infinity band but if you want a truly stacked and harmonious appearance, we recommend getting either your ring and your band custom-made. Contact us at info@aurosijewels.com to learn more about our custom work.

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