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At Aurosi Jewels, we’ve made it our business to support our customers in the most important jewelry purchase of their lives. Our wide array of stunning, sparkling engagement and wedding ring styles, free home try-on program, and flexible customization options have made us the destination for the best online engagement rings. Shop Aurosi Jewels today to discover the ring of your dreams.

Feedback From Our Happy Customers

What makes us the best place to buy an engagement ring online? Our customers have fallen for our gorgeous handcrafted rings in styles that range from traditional solitaire to vintage heirloom-inspired, to super sparkling halo options and more. All of our rings are dreamed up by our in-house design team and are made by hand in our California factory to guarantee outstanding, timeless quality.

Home Try-On

Shop the best online engagement rings from the comfort of your own home, at no extra cost! Our incredibly flexible home try-on program lets you choose up to five rings samples so you can admire their beauty firsthand and find the ring that feels like it’s fated for you. You’ll get your rings in a week or less and have five days to admire their shimmer and shine so that you can feel good about finding the right ring to represent your unique love.

The Aurosi Jewels Experience

Read our testimonials to hear from countless customers who say we’ve helped them find the best online engagement rings out there. If you still have questions about our rings, our home try-on program, or anything else, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We know this is a big decision, let us help you make the right choice.


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