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Trending Engagement Ring Styles

For potential brides and grooms, it’s a great time to get engaged! There are so many new, exciting engagement ring trends that you’ll have a tough time deciding which look you love best. To help you get started, we’ve outlined some of the most popular engagement rings styles to choose from. Read our tips on the latest engagement ring options so you can make an informed decision when it comes time to pop the question!

Unique, tear drop style halo engagement ring

Halo Rings in New Shapes

Halo rings are here to stay! And while we simply adore the traditional halo ring, we’re also excited about the new shapes and silhouettes we’re seeing in engagement ring trends this year. Keep your eyes peeled for innovative diamond cuts, including halos with pear-shaped center diamonds, dazzling emerald cuts, and generous oval-shaped diamonds that will be sure to elicit gasps. You’ll also see lots of split shank halo rings, which are designed to draw even more attention to your glittering diamonds.

Romantic Vintage Style Rings

The past is new again when it comes to the most popular engagement ring styles. Brides all over the world are falling for rings with that antique, heirloom appeal. The latest modern vintage styles evoke bygone eras through their exquisite detailing. Milgrain edges, filigree, and delicate round cut side diamonds help bring these vintage-inspired styles to life. Perfect for the modern bride with a deep romantic streak!

Yellow gold, twisted band engagement ring

Rings with Geometric Designs

Are you a modern bride who craves the latest in clothes, jewelry, and style? Then these super modern, geometric rings are sure to be a match. Rings inspired by unique geometric shapes and organic forms are one of the newest engagement ring trends, combining high fashion and art with timeless materials. Options like sculptural twisted rings, eye-catching two stone rings, and east-west ring are among the most popular geometric-driven designs this year. They’re sure to give the most popular engagement ring styles from the past a run for their money!

Gemstones Get Time to Shine

While the combination of white diamonds and precious metals will always be among the classics, trendy couples are paying attention to rings with gemstone accents. Gemstones like sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are becoming increasingly popular as side stones, adding a sense of drama and creating lots of contrast with the central diamond. Some couples are even opting for gemstones as their center stones in lieu of a central diamond. These engagement ring trends are a fun way for an alternative bride to stand out on her big day and beyond, and perfect for the future bride and groom who want to emphasize their colorful and bright future together.

Rose gold solitaire engagement ring

Blushing Brides Will Choose Rose Gold

Rose gold has been everywhere lately, and it’s no wonder that the trend has spread to the engagement ring industry! Rose gold will be one of the most popular engagement ring styles this year. As a complexion-flattering metal that complements a wide array of skin tones, the slightly pink hue of the gold allows for diamonds and stones to truly stand out. These pretty pastel rings are available in a variety of engagement rings styles from traditional solitaire rings to halo rings and more. Your bride-to-be will be sure to admire the lovely contrast of the bright diamonds with the pink gold, and there are plenty of equally fetching rose gold wedding bands so you can create the perfect wedding set.

Stackable Rings

Lots of women have been investing in the layered jewelry trend, and now contemporary brides are using the stacking ring trend as a fun alternative to the traditional engagement ring and wedding band set. With this engagement ring trend, you can choose to propose with one ring and add another for each major anniversary or surprise her with a stack of rings that you’ve compiled. Some brides prefer stacking multiple rings of the same color and style, while others choose to mix and match, or even combine several different gold colors. To take advantage of this engagement ring trend, look for thin, delicate bands that feel refined and restrained—combined together, they’ll make a stunning impact!

White gold twisted floral engagement ring

Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings

More and more couples are taking the environment into the account when it comes time to choose their engagement rings and wedding bands. As a result, green alternatives are among the most popular engagement ring styles this year. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly ring with plenty of style, look for quality diamond alternatives, like moissanite. This lab-grown mineral mimics the brilliance of diamonds so that you won’t have to sacrifice on style in order to find a ring that expresses your shared love of the earth and of each other.

Rings Inspired by Nature

Another one of the remarkable engagement ring trends we’re seeing this year is rings inspired by the elements of nature. Some ring designers are taking their cues from the night skies, opting for celestially-inspired pieces with half-moon shaped diamonds or star details. Others are looking at the flora and fauna for inspiration, with rings that incorporate petals, twisting vines, and other elegant, ethereal-looking details. This is a perfect choice for girly, ultra-feminine brides or for the couple who loves to spend their time together in the great outdoors.

Aurosi Jewels, The Engagement Ring Experts

At Aurosi Jewels, we make it our business to stay on top of all the most popular engagement ring styles. We strive for complete customer satisfaction, starting with our wide array of engagement ring and wedding band styles. Our team of in-house designers is constantly at work creating new designs that follow the latest engagement ring trends so we can offer the best looks for all of our happy couples. We also do customizations and make custom designs from scratch in order to help you get the ring you’ve always dreamed of.

If you’re ready to start shopping, we make it easy to find the best rings. Try any of our styles on from the comfort of your own home. Our home try-on program is one of the most flexible in the industry—it’s completely free, with no obligation to purchase. What are you waiting for? Explore our collections today to find your perfect ring at Aurosi Jewels.

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