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How to do a Surprise Proposal After You Ring Shop Together

There was a time when an engagement ring was almost always either an heirloom or a complete surprise. As each year goes by, more couples are choosing to ring shop together. Picking out rings together can relieve a lot of anxiety and stress. You’ll never have to worry about if your future fiancée will be disappointed in your ring choice! But what about the actual proposal part? What if she still wants that moment of surprise?

You may be at a loss when it comes down to deciding on a surprise proposal idea. And honestly, we get it. Your fiancée-to-be already knows that you’ve purchased a ring, so how in the world are you supposed to surprise them? You’ve come to the right place! Let’s take a look at these tips for how to plan a surprise proposal, even after you ring shop together.

Hide and Seek

When you ring shop with your fiancée-to-be, it’s time to play a game of ‘hide and seek’ -  but hopefully, without the seeking part. Right after you’ve purchased the ring, you need to hide it (in a safe place!) at the nearest opportunity. 

This will put you at a great advantage for your surprise proposal idea. She won’t be able to snoop around and keep tabs on the ring to see if it has suddenly moved when she knows you’ve invited her to dinner. If the ring has been hidden from day one, you’ll always have the element of surprise!

Keep Romance Alive

newly engaged couple cheering wine glasses

Wondering how to plan a surprise proposal? Practice constant romance in your relationship. Enjoy dates and gift your fiancée-to-be with romantic gestures often. Whether big or small, this will keep her on her toes. She won’t know when to expect a proposal if you’re constantly being romantic. 

No, this does not mean that you have to spend loads of money before you even get to your surprise proposal idea. Keep things simple, affordable, and meaningful. Enjoy homemade meals during a candlelit picnic. Pick fresh flowers and create a bouquet. Make homemade ice cream and watch her favorite childhood movie. These are all great romantic gestures that won’t hurt your pockets, and she’ll love the gestures from you!


Choose a Random Date

man proposing during a surprise proposal

If you’ve ring shopped together, holidays, birthdays, graduations, or anything should be completely off-limits if you’re going for the element of surprise. While milestones or otherwise meaningful dates are great choices, your future fiancée will definitely expect a proposal on one of those days. Maybe winter is her favorite season, so you choose the first day of winter to propose. Choose a date that she won’t see coming to keep your surprise proposal idea thriving!

You can also choose dates that are meaningful to you, but she may not realize are important. You can choose the anniversary of the first time you realized you were interested in her, or the day you decided you wanted to spend the rest of your life with her. These are important dates in your relationship, and explaining what the date means can be a great way to start your proposal.



Our biggest tips for how to plan a surprise proposal? Don’t spill the beans, keep her on her toes, and most importantly, have fun! 
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