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How to Choose the Best Metal Color: Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

When it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands, there are many beautiful metals you can choose from. At Aurosi Jewels, we use high-quality white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold to create beautiful rings. Each metal has its own history, look, and perks, and choosing the perfect color can be everything from an easy choice to a challenging one.

How do you choose the best metal color for wedding rings? The experts at Aurosi Jewels have some tips to make your decision a little easier. Let’s take a look at the different metals to see which would work best for you!

White Gold vs Yellow Gold vs Rose Gold — It’s More Than Color

beautiful white gold floral ring

White Gold Floral Twist Leaf Ring - $600

  • White Gold - White gold is one of the most popular metals for wedding and engagement rings. This gorgeous white color glamorously compliments fair and rosy skin types. White gold is stylish and modern in appearance. This metal is beautiful alongside wide and colorless diamonds.

glamorous yellow gold floral vine ring

Yellow Gold Floral Vine Ring - $525.00

  • Yellow Gold - Yellow gold is a traditional and timeless metal with Ancient roots in Greece and Rome. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance ring that fits in with vintage and classic as well as modern designs, then yellow gold is a great choice for you. Yellow gold is very durable and easy to maintain. This metal elegantly compliments dark and olive skin tones.

timeless rose gold floral lead ring

Rose Gold Floral Leaf Bezel Ring - $525

  • Rose Gold - The rose gold metal is a halcyon pink-red color. Rose gold is made with elements of high-quality copper and it is incredibly durable. This metal also tastefully compliments all skintones. Whether your skin type is fair, rosy, olive, or dark, a rose gold metal will work for you!

How to Choose the Best Metal for Wedding Rings

There isn’t necessarily a “best” metal — it’s all up to personal preference. At the end of the day, the metal you choose for your engagement ring and wedding band is a personal choice. 

If you find yourself debating the pros and cons of white gold vs yellow gold vs rose gold, it can feel overwhelming. With the Home Try-On program from Aurosi Jewels, you can try a variety of colors and styles. Try white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold in person to see which you like best! 

Engagement rings and wedding bands are more than a fine piece of jewelry. You’ll wear these symbols of love every day, and it’s important to have a ring that you will be happy to look at every single day. Find the ring of your dreams today at Aurosi Jewels!

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