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How to Choose an Engagement Ring to Suit your Hand

Hands: as varied as their owners, and little monuments to your personal history. The little scar from a fall while learning to ride your bike, a crooked pinky from the volleyball game during your summer abroad, and finally, the ring that marks the day you found your perfect match. Finding the perfect engagement ring is all about fit — the right size, the right style, and most importantly, the right shape to match your hand.

Wondering how to choose an engagement ring to suit your hand? This easy guide will help you navigate the cut, model, and center-stone to fit your hand perfectly. With so many different types of engagement ring settings, choosing the ring that will best adorn your digits can be a labor of love.

Short Fingers with Square Palms

Rose Gold Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Have a square palm and fingers on the short side? Your best bet here is to play up lean lines with stones cut to amplify the lengthy, “mirrored” luminescence within their stone. The emerald cut and the princess cut work very well for this hand shape, and complement it with stones that are evocative of the gilded era of glitz and glam.

Short Fingers with a Long Palm

White Gold Twisted-Style Engagement Ring

Wondering how to choose an engagement ring to suit your hand when you’ve got smaller fingers than most? Keep it simple! A knife-edge taper with a solitaire center stone is absolutely perfect. Moreover, focus on your stone: the illusion of movement works well for folks with a long palm, and the fractal brilliance made possible by a high clarity rating will be well-worn on your particular hand shape.

Also, look for fun and unique infinity shapes: a longer palm shows off a weave twist design very well, and as different types of engagement ring settings become more and more adventurous, so too do your options.

Long Fingers with a Square Palm

For the traditional “piano player hand”, take advantage of your naturally long lines to show off pave settings. Floral details that hearken back to Victorian styles, but maintain a current ornamentality, work wonders on lengthy digits. Take the guesswork out of deducing how to choose an engagement ring to suit your hand with the at-home try-on option from Aurosi.

Long Fingers with Long Palm

Yellow Gold Infinity twist Engagement Ring

Look to multi-layered and intricate designs (you’ve got the real estate): infinity twists are a great start, but the auteur stylings which favor bold and large wave-like designs will match your hands perfectly.

Searching through different types of engagement ring settings and looking for a more traditional look? Try a vintage setting instead.

Above All

Remember the timeless saying, temet nosce (“know thyself”): know what you’re looking for and what you love. An engagement ring is the symbol of union and transformation, and the experts at Aurosi Jewels are here to help you find exactly what you need. See all of Aurosi’s offerings, and take advantage of our at-home try-on program to find the ring that uniquely suits you today.

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