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How To Choose a Wedding Ring Without Leaving the House

Are you interested in choosing a wedding band from the comfort of your own home? Aurosi Jewels’ free home try-on program is designed to make choosing a wedding band online just as simple and fun as shopping in stores. Read our tips for how to choose a wedding ring without leaving the house!

1. Research Metal and Gems

When deciding what jewels and metal you want to feature in your ring, aesthetics aren’t the only important factor. Some metals require more maintenance than others, and some gems are more hard and durable than others.

Tungsten, for example, has the benefit of not tarnishing, but it needs special care throughout its lifetime. Opals are incredibly beautiful, but they’re a relatively soft rock, and they’re more susceptible to wear over time.

Jewels and metals that require more maintenance aren’t any “worse” than other materials — you just have to be prepared to give them the care they need. Consider, for instance, that you might have to take your rings off every time you garden or do the dishes.

2. Consider Your Lifestyle

Do you enjoy messy crafts? Are you an athlete or a rugged outdoorsman who is constantly getting their hands dirty? Or, are you the type to always have a perfect manicure, and you’re already used to wearing fine jewelry? When choosing a wedding band, consider how your lifestyle might affect your jewel and metal type.

Outdoorsy people might prefer a band with a simpler shape that won’t get caught on anything. People who want their gemstones to display prominently on their finger might opt for a bold French cut. It comes down to your individual style.

3. Give Yourself Time

A wedding band is something you plan to wear every day for the rest of your life. Choosing a wedding band isn’t a process that should be rushed!

Most jewelers and wedding experts recommend spending at least two to three months to fall in love with a ring. This should give you enough time to envision yourself spending the rest of your life with the ring.

4. Compare Your Engagement Ring

If you plan to wear both a wedding band and engagement ring, you should consider how to choose a wedding ring that will match it.

Many couples choose to forgo the surprise factor of the engagement in order to choose both rings at the same time. This is entirely your choice, of course, but we encourage you to consider it — you may find an engagement set that you fall in love with.

If you have an engagement ring already, and you want a wedding band to match, follow this simple advice:

  • Choose a band with the same width. This looks the most visually cohesive.
  • Choose the exact same metal. Even if the metals look similar, they will tarnish and age at different rates if they’re made of different metals.
  • Don’t compare it to your partner’s. Most couples don’t wear matching outfits, so there’s little use in choosing a band that matches your partner’s. Unless there is a sentimental factor involved in matching, it’s best to let your wedding bands reflect your personalities.

5. Use a Home Try-On Option

Learning how to choose a wedding ring at home is so much easier with a home try-on option.

The home try-on program at Aurosi Jewels is entirely free. You simply choose five ring styles, and we send them to you for free. You then have up to five days to spend with your rings to admire them and show them off to friends and family. Return your ring samples via the prepaid shipping label, and you’re ready to purchase your dream ring.

There’s no better way to choose a wedding ring than by sampling them in the comfort of your own home! Try Aurosi Jewels’ home try-on today.

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