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6 Simple and Sophisticated Solitaire Rings You'll Love

When it comes to jewelry—and diamond jewelry in particular—the terms simple and sophisticated don’t seem to go together. Yet, for those looking for stunning (and stunningly simple) engagement rings, there can be no better option than the classic solitaire ring.

Diamond solitaire engagement rings are just what the name suggests: a solitary diamond seated atop a sculpted band. But don’t let this simple construction fool you! You can find some unique solitaire settings that are both simple and sophisticated. These unique moissanite and diamond engagement rings convey a sense of distinction without being ostentatious.

Here at Aurosi Jewels, we carry a host of diamond solitaire rings, each offered in yellow, white, or rose gold. Here’s six of our favorite designs that we think strike the perfect balance between simplicity and sophistication.

rope style engagement ring

Rope Solitaire Ring- $420.00

This rope solitaire ring (pictured here in warm rose gold), has a unique woven pattern that goes down three-quarters of the shank. The bottom of the ring has a small sizing bar in case you need to switch sizes in the future. Seated atop the ring is a stunning center stone in a four prong setting.

princess style engagement ring
Princess Cut Solitaire Ring - $721.00

Two things make this such a unique solitaire setting. First, the princess cut is one of the most beautiful gemstone cuts in our opinion. Second, the accent diamonds grace the sides of the band as opposed to the top, creating a completely unique platform for the exquisite moissanite center stone to sit in.

pear shaped engagement ring

Pear Curved Solitaire Ring- $350.00

Pear shaped stones are contoured like a teardrop, but if there’s any crying over this ring, it’ll be tears of joy! This unique band (pictured here in traditional yellow gold) carefully wraps around the pear shaped cubic zirconia.

crown style engagement ring

Knife Edge Crown Solitaire Ring- $520.00

This is a ring befitting of royalty! Milgrain designs, diamond accents, and fine metalwork combine to create this masterpiece. The center stone holds a 1 carat sized CZ, yet can be modified to hold any size gemstone (like all our rings!).

emerald cut engagement ring

Infinity Emerald Cut Engagement Ring- $395.00

For a love that goes “to infinity...and beyond,” choose this unique solitaire setting. The twisted rose gold shank leads up to a dazzling emerald cut stone. The bottom of the ring offers a comfort fit sizing bar to ensure the ring is easy on your eyes and your skin too.

milgrain engagement ring

Milgrain Solitaire Ring- $650.00

Our final selection is a ring that combines delicate milgrain beadwork and accent stones around the setting of the ring. Atop the solitaire shank is a 1 carat stone that can be modified to fit any gemstone, any size, or any shape.

Choose Aurosi Jewels For Your Custom Needs

Do you like one of our solitaire rings, but you’re looking for a different type of metal? Perhaps you want to switch out the solitaire stone for a different gemstone? Maybe you’re looking for a different shaped diamond? Whatever you need, our custom jewelry team can help you modify any ring to your liking. We offer complete custom jewelry without the typical custom prices.

Have questions about our unique solitaire settings? Contact us, and we’ll be glad to help any way we can!

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