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5 Tips and Ideas for a Winter Proposal

There’s never a bad season to pop the question, but we have to admit that we’re in love with winter proposals. There’s something about the long nights, cold weather, and sparkling lights that make the season absolutely magical.

What’s so great about a winter proposal? Each month offers a unique way to pop the question:

  • December proposals are an opportunity to weave holiday traditions with proposal ideas.
  • January proposals can start the new year off with a bang.
  • February proposals are especially romantic when tied with Valentine's Day.

Whatever you choose, our team at Aurosi Jewels has five tips and ideas for your winter proposal. Consider these cold-weather winter proposal ideas as a way to warm her heart!

1. A One-Horse Open Sleigh

Sleigh rides are more than the stuff of “Jingle Bells!” There’s something magical about a winter sleigh ride or horse-drawn carriage ride, whether there’s snow on the ground or not. Not sure of where to find a sleigh ride? Consider calling local farms to see what they have available. Also, some resort hotels offer this wintertime activity, even if you don’t stay on property. A sleigh ride on a cold night is a classic winter proposal idea that never goes out of style!

2. Light Up the Night

Take advantage of the magic of holiday lights by popping the question at a Christmas light extravaganza. The transfixing mixture of twinkling lights and classic holiday music is an absolute winner. Couple that with one of our classic engagement rings, and you have a fantastic winter proposal idea.

3. It’s Party Time!

Some couples prefer a more cozy affair, but for those who love the spotlight, the winter offers some amazing times for holiday proposal ideas. Consider your options: Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve extravaganzas, and Valentine’s Day soirees. Technically, you even have St. Patrick’s Day, which is right at the end of winter! Each of these lends itself to wonderful opportunities to surprise your loved one with family and friends close by.

4. Take Your Date Out for a Skate

crowd skating in Rockefeller Plaza

Have you ever been ice skating outdoors during the winter? It’s a truly unique experience, and it makes one of the best winter proposal ideas you can find. Live in a warm-weather climate? You can still find plenty of places to ice skate, and increasingly you’ll find outdoor “pop-up” ice skating areas even in southern climates.

5. Warm Up To A Phenomenal Proposal

Sometimes the best way to create a surprise is to go against the trend. If you’re looking to truly surprise your mate, then take a trip to a warm-weather area. Even during a time of travel restrictions, several locales are safe for travel. It would sure make for a one-of-a-kind winter proposal idea!

Find Bridal Jewelry at Aurosi Jewels

No matter which holiday proposal idea speaks to you, make sure you give her a ring from Aurosi Jewels. Our high-quality rings are a phenomenal value and are fully customizable. You can find custom jewelry...all without paying a custom price.

Have questions? Contact us today so we can give you the answers you’re looking for!

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