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When Should You Try on Engagement Rings Alone?

While it takes two to get engaged, there are plenty of benefits to trying on engagement rings alone. An engagement ring is a large emotional and financial investment, and trying on rings is a wonderful way to get a sense of what styles you like, what colors work for your skin tone, and what kind of look you’re going for. At Aurosi Jewels, our home try-on program helps you to be a pro at trying on engagement rings. Read our tips for getting the most out of trying on engagement rings solo.

Reason #1 For Trying On Engagement Rings Alone: You Can’t Make Up Your Mind

Maybe you’ve tried on lots of engagement rings and struggled so far to make the right choice for you. Do you like simple solitaire engagement rings or more ornate vintage-inspired engagement ring looks? Maybe you’re not even sure! Trying on engagement rings by yourself can be a great way to cut out the noise and figure out what you truly like versus what you thought you liked via Pinterest.

Solitaire rose gold engagement ring Vintage white gold engagement ring 

Reason #2 For Trying On Engagement Rings Alone: You’re Feeling Pressured to Decide

Whether the pressure is coming from a pushy sales associate, a friend who is accompanying you on the shopping trip, or even your significant other, engagement ring shopping might be a good time to take some alone time. Trying on engagement rings alone is a great way to sort out your true feelings about what engagement ring styles work for you without the added pressure of dealing with someone else’s opinion or feeling like you have to please another person (even if that person is your well-meaning bestie!)

Reason #3 For Trying On Engagement Rings Alone: You’ve Never Thought About Styles

While some women know exactly which engagement ring styles they covet most, many women haven’t taken the time to think about what they want in an engagement ring. Since this is a big decision and an engagement ring is something you’ll wear every day for the rest of your life, you’ll want to make sure the ring you end up with feels like you. Trying on engagement rings alone is a low-risk way to discover more about your personal taste, without pressuring your significant other, while you gather up enough info to drop some useful hints later on.

Try on Rings for Free at Home

Make trying on rings even easier with the Aurosi Jewels’ engagement ring try on program. Try on up to five ring styles right from the comfort of your home with no obligation to purchase. When the time comes to make the big decision, you’ll feel confident and happy about your selection. Browse our engagement ring samples today and discover the best inexpensive engagement ring styles for you!

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