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So You’re Engaged (Congrats!): Here’s What Happens Next

Getting engaged is one of the most memorable moments of your life, but once you’ve celebrated with your spouse-to-be and the excitement settles down a bit, you’ve likely found yourself wondering exactly what to do after getting engaged. While you’ll have plenty on your plate over the next year or so of planning, there are a few early steps to take that will set you up for smooth sailing. Learn what to do after you get engaged with these tips from Aurosi Jewels!

So Here’s What To Do After You Get Engaged:

Make Sure the Ring Fits

When it comes to what to do after getting engaged, one of the first things on your list should be to make sure your ring is the proper size and fit. It shouldn’t be so tight that it is uncomfortable, but you also want to make sure that it’s not sliding around on your finger—after all, you’re going to be showing your ring off lots in the next weeks and months, so making sure your ring is secure should be a priority. If you’ve done a home try-on program or created a custom ring, you can likely skip this step and carry on with your celebrations!

Get a Manicure to Show off That Bling

You’ll be snapping lots of pictures and showing off your hands more than ever, so if you’re wondering how to treat yourself to some R&R after the big question, you could consider getting a manicure to make sure your fingers look fantastic. While it’s not strictly necessary, if you’re wondering what to do after getting engaged in terms of prepping for sharing the news, this is one quick and easy step that will also help you feel relaxed and further enjoy this special moment.

Rose gold, diamond wedding band Vintage, halo white gold engagement ring

Insure Your Ring (and Know Your Warranty)

While paperwork might be the last thing on your mind when thinking about what to do after you get engaged, it’s a good idea to insure your ring early on to protect yourself in the event of damage or loss. If you’ve procured your ring through a retailer or ring shop, you should also familiarize yourself with their warranty policy if you haven’t already—and make sure you know how a seller will support you in the event of damage to your engagement ring. Another note: don’t love your ring? You should also read up on the exchange policy so you can focus on how to find the inexpensive engagement ring of your dreams.

Woman with large engagement ring sips from a coffee mug

Figure Out How to Spread the News

One of the most fun aspects of getting engaged is the chance to share the news with family and friends. Do you want to tell each of your families in person? Over the phone? Throw a big party? Or will you focus on telling everyone at once and creating the perfect Instagram post? Whatever your style is, telling your friends and loved ones is a big moment in your list of what to do after you get engaged. Make sure you and your fiancé are in agreement about how to spread the word with the people you love so that everyone can toast to your happy milestone.

Consider a Date

It makes sense that what to do after you get engaged is plan your wedding! Get out your calendar and take a look at what the next year or two holds in store for you as a couple. Maybe you’d like to plan your wedding for a particular season, or maybe you’ve got some constraints as far as timing that will help you zero in on a date. Either way, it’s useful to get a sense of your ideal date range which will narrow down your venue options and help guide major decisions when it comes to theme, color palette, and more.

Determine Your Wedding Size

Because wedding size, venue, and budget are all related, you’ll want to get a sense early on of how large or small your wedding will be. Have big families on both sides? Planning for an intimate gathering after a city hall ceremony? There’s no wrong way to do it, but in thinking about what to do after getting engaged and starting to plan for your big day, you’ll need to have an idea of who you’ll want in attendance and what you want for the vibe of the celebration.

Get Started on a Budget

Once you know your wedding size and a rough guest list, you’ll want to think about your budget and what you can reasonably afford to spend (or what your families will be willing to help with.) Trying to do things on a shoestring? Not to worry! There are so many fun and creative ways to cut wedding costs with things like DIY flowers, creative food options, and interesting venue choices, that you’ll be able to come up with a wedding that feels like you and that all of your guests will enjoy.

An outdoor wedding venue with white and pink flowers

Think About Venue Options And Theme

What to do after getting engaged in terms of venue options? Once you know a date range and wedding size, it’s time to think about your values as a couple and what kinds of venues will best represent the two of you. Maybe that means a cozy fall wedding on a farm, a traditional church ceremony in one of your hometowns, or a destination wedding somewhere adventurous and exotic. Then, you can hone in on the details that are going to make your day even more personal, meaningful, and fun.

Start Looking at Wedding Band Styles

You’ll be exchanging vows in front of all your loved ones, so make sure you’re ready for the most important part of your special day! While wedding band shopping isn’t an immediate to-do in your list of what to do after you get engaged, it’s never too soon to start looking at wedding band styles! Finding the right affordable wedding band will definitely make your wedding feel all the more real, so definitely take the time to enjoy the process and find the perfect style to represent your special bond.

Discover Aurosi Jewels

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