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Should You Try Engagement Rings at home, in the store, or virtually?

Choosing an engagement ring is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make: you need a ring that is the right look and fit for your bride to be, but one that also fits her personality and represents the spirit of your relationship.

When you think about all that a wedding ring and engagement ring need to symbolize, it’s no wonder couples become stressed over the many choices available to them.

One way to navigate that stress?

Trying on plenty of rings before the big day.

Nowadays, there are several ways to try on engagement rings that every couple should have myriad options available to them—and hopefully, those options will make the shopping process much more stress-free and fun.

Approach ring shopping as an opportunity to bond during this exciting time, rather than a source of tension in your relationship. With the opportunity to shop in stores, try on engagement rings at home, or try on engagement rings online, which choice will be best for you? Read our overview of each option to discover the right fit for you!

The Traditional Route: Trying on Rings In the Store

Trying on engagement rings at a retail store has plenty of benefits: it offers the excitement of a classic ring shopping experience, and you’ll be able to see each of your options up close and get a sense of how they look and feel when you wear them. While some rings might look wonderful on other women, in person, you may find that they don’t look or feel right for you. Many times a couple can get their heart set on a certain ring style, only to find that it’s actually not the best choice for them for a number of reasons.

Finger and hand shape, diamond shape and size, band style, and detailing all come into play when finding the perfect fit, and trying on an engagement ring at the store is an efficient way to find out what you love and what’s not for you.

On the other hand, retail experiences can vary from store to store, and you won’t be able to try on rings without the assistance of a sales associate. This can make the moment feel a little less intimate and private for you and your partner.

Depending on the store and their staff, some couples report that shopping in person caused them to feel rushed to make a decision, or like they were unable to spend enough time looking at their ring choices and thinking about their options. Also price is an issue in retail stores, as salesmen are usually trying to upsell higher priced items, and retail markups can make engagement rings extremely expensive.

If you prefer a more leisurely or private experience, trying on rings virtually or at trying on your engagement ring at home could be a better route.

The Virtual Option: Try on Engagement Rings Online

The use of apps and other technology to try on engagement rings online has grown tremendously over the past several years, giving shoppers plenty of chances to try out all sorts of ring styles from a variety of retailers.

Most of these apps follow the same format: take a photo of your hand, upload it to an app, then select a ring style to “try.” This will give you a sense of how your favorite styles will look on you.

This option allows you to try on as many options as you’d like (from retailers who offer the app). You can shop from anywhere and easily share images with others to get feedback, which means you and your partner don’t have to be together to look at rings, saving you some time.

The drawbacks? 

While the chance to try on an engagement ring online grants you access to thousands of styles, there is probably no real substitute for feeling and seeing a ring on your hand in real life.

Shopping for engagement rings can be a deeply personal process, and some brides find that they “connect” with certain styles more than others.

It can be hard to suss out your ideal ring when you’re doing things virtually compared to when you try on engagement rings at home or in a store.

Also, if you are looking across several retailers, you’ll likely have to download many apps and get used to a variety of different technologies and interfaces if you’re going to take advantage of their virtual try on options.

Trying on Engagement Rings at Home

The option to try on engagement rings at home is often the best of both worlds: you get the convenience of seeing a ring in person, but you won’t feel the same pressure to make a decision or rush the way you might in some jewelry stores.

You’ll be able to get a feel for each style, wear them around, and decide along with your partner, all in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

While most home try-on programs send out rings that are made with simulated stones and metals, they will give you a very clear sense of how an engagement ring style feels on your hand, and whether you can picture making that ring a part of your life for decades to come.

With Aurosi Jewels Home Try-On program, you can try on up to five engagement ring and wedding ring styles for free, with absolutely no obligation to buy. Aurosi lets customers try on engagement rings at home for up to five days, and shoppers can take advantage of their flexible customization options. Shop Aurosi Jewels today to explore hundreds of stunning engagement ring styles that you can try on at home.

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