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Parts of an Engagement Ring You May Not Know

Buying an engagement ring can be an intimidating experience. Knowing that you’re looking to purchase a piece of jewelry that will be worn for a lifetime is enough to make you a bit nervous. Now, add to that the fact that there are likely many words and terms dealing with the parts of an engagement ring that you may be unfamiliar with. It’s certainly not a recipe for confidence!

white gold halo ring

The old saying is trite but true: “knowledge is power.” Understanding some basic ring terms can help you shop with bolstered confidence. Aurosi Jewels wants to help take the mystery out of the engagement ring buying experience, which is why we’ve compiled a shorthand glossary of terms to help you learn the anatomy of the engagement ring. Here they are (in alphabetical order):

  • Bridal set: An engagement ring that is paired with a matching wedding band. The two rings are made and sold together so they can fit perfectly with one another. Some couples find this a simpler way to purchase their bridal jewelry.
  • Carat: This deals with the size of a diamond or other precious stones. It is the equivalent of .2 grams of weight.
  • Clarity: This is a rating scale of how diamonds are ranked based on imperfection on the outside or inside of the stone. They can rank from I3 (imperfections seen with the eye) to IF (internally flawless up to 10x magnification).
  • Color: Diamonds are also rated based on their color. D, E, F are considered colorless diamonds. The farther down the alphabet the diamonds are rated, the more yellow the diamond will be.
  • Filigree: A vintage style that takes thin wires of metal and shapes them into delicate ornamentations. After they are shaped, they’re affixed to the ring, giving a raised and artful effect.
  • Halo: A type of effect found in engagement rings where a large center stone is encircled by smaller stones, giving the larger gemstone a “halo” of sorts.
  • Inclusions: Small imperfections inside a diamond. Diamond inclusions are much like a fingerprint as they are unique identifying marks that make the diamond one-of-a-kind.
  • Karat: Although pronounced the same as “carat,” it shares no similarity with the other definition. Karatage is the unit of measurement that tells the purity of gold, measured on a scale of 24. For instance, 24 karat gold is pure gold (24 out of 24 parts gold), while 10 karat gold is the lowest grade of gold available on the market (10 out of 24 parts gold)

Rose Gold Vintage Milgrain Filigree Signet Ring -$565.00

  • Milgrain: Small bead-like work that typically runs along the side of a ring. It’s a vintage styling that is also sometimes found on wedding bands.
  • Pave: A process where very small diamonds are embedded into the shank of a ring, giving the impression that the entire band is “paved” with diamonds.”
  • Prongs: Small pieces of metal that hold diamonds in place.

Have questions about the parts of an engagement ring or which ring is right for you? Contact us today at Aurosi Jewels! We’ll be glad to answer all your questions so you can choose and purchase your engagement ring with confidence.

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