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Custom Work

Your engagement ring and wedding band are the two most important pieces of jewelry you’ll ever buy. Since you’ll be wearing them everyday, you’ll want to genuinely enjoy seeing and wearing these symbols of your one-of-a-kind love story. The good news is, we love working with our customers to come up with the custom-made engagement ring of their dreams! We make the process of alternating your existing design or creating a new one simple, stress-free, and fun. Make the most of your proposal and vows with bespoke engagement rings and wedding bands from Aurosi Jewels.

Altering Existing Designs

Your ring should be as unique as your love which is why so many of our existing designs can be altered according to your customization request. Some common customizations include:

  • Using a customer’s own center stone
  • Adjusting the shape and size of a center stone
  • Adapting the halo or shank style
  • Incorporating gemstone accents

We’ll work with you to make whatever adjustments you’d like to see so that your custom-made engagement ring or wedding band feels like “you!”

Designing A Bespoke Engagement Ring From Scratch

Want something completely unique to you? When working on custom pieces, we use all of our design and production resources to create individualized, stunning custom-made engagement rings and wedding bands that will dazzle for years to come. To get started, simply email us at info@aurosijewels.com to tell us more about the ring of your dreams. 

The Aurosi Jewels Custom Process

Once we work with you on a custom design, you’ll receive CAD images of your perfect ring. Depending on how intricate your design is, your custom ring will likely take 3 weeks to create. To learn more, read our Custom Ring FAQs or contact us today to get started on your custom-made engagement ring or wedding band!

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help getting started with your wedding band or engagement ring? Read our FAQs to make custom ring designing a little easier!

Can I use a family gemstone to create a bespoke engagement ring?

Of course! In addition to adding stones like our GIA-certified diamonds and moissanite to engagement rings, you can always choose to use a family stone as your center stone instead. We’ll add it to one of our existing designs or we can create a unique engagement ring just for you!

Are custom-made engagement rings expensive?

It varies. The final price of your engagement or wedding ring depends on the intricacy of your design. We also require a $200 down payment before getting started to cover the CAD images, which are essentially mock-ups of your design. To get a closer idea of pricing, we recommend sending us a request.

I want a custom ring, but I don’t know the exact style yet. How do I get started?

You can alter one of our existing designs to fit your perfect idea of an engagement or wedding ring, like using your own gemstone, adapting a halo style, or adjusting the shape/size of a stone. If you’d like a bespoke engagement ring but need some inspiration, be sure to visit our blog!

How long does custom work take?

We know you can’t wait to get your hands on your beautiful, custom-made engagement ring, so we don’t take too long! The entire process usually takes approximately 3 weeks: 1 week for the CAD renderings of your dream design, plus around 2 weeks for the production of the ring.

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