Yellow Gold Floral Vintage Filigree Ring

Product image 1Yellow Gold Floral Vintage Filigree Ring
Product image 2Yellow Gold Floral Vintage Filigree Ring
Product image 3Yellow Gold Floral Vintage Filigree Ring
Product image 4Yellow Gold Floral Vintage Filigree Ring
Product image 5Yellow Gold Floral Vintage Filigree Ring
Product image 6Yellow Gold Floral Vintage Filigree Ring
Product image 7Yellow Gold Floral Vintage Filigree Ring
Product image 8Yellow Gold Floral Vintage Filigree Ring
Product image 9Yellow Gold Floral Vintage Filigree Ring

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Intricately Designed

This floral diamond ring from Aurosi Jewels is crafted to perfection by our expert designers to mark your momentous day. Featuring elaborate floral filigree and milgrain detailing on a twisted shank with accent stones inlaid down the sides, this floral engagement ring setting is a real show-stopper. The center holds a 1.0-carat or 6.5mm, round-cut stone, secured by four sturdy prongs, and can be adjusted for any size, shape, or stone to make it even more special.

Try It On for Free

At Aurosi Jewels, we make it easy to acquire the floral diamond ring of your dreams without needing to travel to the store. Explore up to five different options with our free home try-on program. Get stock samples of your favorite rings delivered to you and buy the one that calls to your heart with your desired customization options. Discover more home try-on rings or learn more about this innovative feature.

Vintage Styles With a Modern Touch

Creating unique, well-designed, and affordable rings that last a lifetime—that’s our goal at Aurosi Jewels. Each of our impeccable engagement rings and wedding bands, including this floral diamond ring, is designed in-house in Los Angeles by expert jewelers who are masters of their craft. We combine sophisticated technology with traditional craftsmanship to craft elegant, vintage-inspired rings with a modern allure that can be passed down over generations. Explore our range to find the perfect ring for one of life’s most joyous occasions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more information on this yellow-gold floral engagement ring setting? Read our most-asked questions below or contact us to learn more!

Can I Get This Floral Diamond Ring in a Different Metal?

Yes! This ring is available in two different precious metal options besides yellow gold: 14k white gold and rose gold.

Can the Floral Engagement Ring Setting Be Changed?

Yes, the setting of this ring can be altered. You can have your own heirloom stone added to the center or get the shape and size of the existing stone altered. This one features a moissanite stone but you can have it replaced with a natural or lab-created and GIA-certified diamond as well. Additionally, the halo and shank styles can also be changed and more gemstone accents can be added as well.

How Can I Get My Ring Customized?

Whether you wish to make alterations to the existing design or get one made from scratch, you can do so by sending us an email at with what you have in mind. We’ll get in touch with you to design a ring that will feel truly yours!

Will this Floral Diamond Ring Tarnish?

Gold rings do tarnish over time because they’re not pure 24k but rather alloys, but proper maintenance will ensure they stay shiny for years to come. The metal will develop a dark film after long usage but it can be repolished to bring back its original sparkle and luster.


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