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Choose 5 Ring Styles

We'll mail them to you for free. Keep them for up to five days.

Try on at home

Try them on. Show them off. Make sure you find the perfect ring.

Return the Rings

Use the prepaid return label and drop off the rings at a UPS store or schedule a pick up. Done!

Engagement Ring Home Try-On

Experience our stunning ring selection first-hand! Our home wedding band and engagement ring try-on program is one of the most flexible in the industry and gives you a chance to see each of our handcrafted ring styles for yourself before you make a decision—with no obligation to purchase. Take the guesswork out of ring shopping with Aurosi Jewels’ easy, free, and fun home try-on program.

Dazzling Engagement Rings

Our engagement ring selection represents the best of timeless styles and modern looks, with in-house designers constantly at work on new ring designs so you are guaranteed the most stylish rings on the market.

You can pick up to five different ring styles and metal colors at once in our engagement ring try-on program, guaranteeing that you end up with the ring of your dreams.

Beautiful Wedding Bands

Finding a wedding band that pairs with your engagement ring can be tricky—one of the major benefits of our home try-on program is that you can use it to make sure your band and engagement ring are perfectly coordinated!

Like our engagement rings, our wedding bands are available in an incredible range of styles ranging from curved bands to vintage style wedding bands and more.

How Home Try-Ons Work

Here's how to get started with your engagement ring try-on.

  1. Simply add five engagement rings or wedding bands to your cart.
  2. Select the home try-on option at checkout.
  3. Enter your credit card information.
  4. You’ll receive your rings in a week or less and your card will not be charged unless you fail to return a ring sample ($150 per ring).
  5. Take up to five days to admire your ring options before sending them back and making your perfect engagement ring purchase.*

*You are not obligated to make a final purchase as part of the home try-on program.

Contact us during any point in your shopping experience—we’re available to answer any questions you may have!

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